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Stabilise Soil


Wet or unstable soil can cause construction delays, affect the stability of roads and structures and increase construction costs. Clayfix, a powerful lime-based product, immediately dries and strengthens soil.

Immediately dries out soil
for faster, better, lower cost

Increases mechanical
strength of soil required for
stable construction

Reduced use of trucks and
virgin aggregates. In situ



Clayfix immediately dries and strengthens soil, increasing the soils compressive strength by as much as 40 times, providing a stable construction platform. A 1% to 4% mix of lime will dry and stabilise suitable soils.

  • Immediately dries out soil, reducing weather-related construction delays.
  • Reacts with soil silicates and aluminates to increase mechanical strength of soil required for stable construction.
  • Transforms clay soils into more workable, compactable material making it easier to handle.
  • Creates strong but flexible permanent structural layers in pavement systems and other foundations.
  • Highly sustainable solution as uses the existing soil rather than replacing with virgin aggregates thereby reducing energy costs.
  • Keeps building strength over time. Soil treated with Clayfix remains stable, durable and flexible for years.

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How it Works


Clayfix is a quicklime product which chemically reacts with water in soil to release heat (1140 kj/kg) which immediately dries all types of soils. When mixed with water, Clayfix also breaks down clay particles to release silica and alumina in the soil, which starts the process of stabilising the soil layers.

Clayfix starts working immediately, builds strength over time and keeps soil stable, durable, strong and flexible for years.

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