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WHITE RHINO - The hydrated lime brand behind all authorised cubicle blends in Ireland.

White Rhino Hydrated Lime has a pH of 12.35. It immediately increases the pH of surface areas covered and deactivates mastistis causing bacteria. White Rhino Hydrated Lime will sustain pH levels of treated areas for lasting animal protection.

Absorbs 15 times more
moisture than standard
cubicle limestone/hydrated
lime blends

pH of 12.35 versus a max
pH of 8.3 for standard
cubicle limestone

Covers up to 3 times more
surface than standard
cubicle limestone



White Rhino Hydrated Lime has a pH of 12.35 and so is highly effective in deactivating E.coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcal and Streptococcal (mastitis causing bacteria). It’s easy to apply, does not burn and reacts immediately to increase pH. Standard cubicle lime has a maximum pH of just 8.3 and therefore is not effective in deactivating harmful bacteria.


  • Reduces lameness in cattle
  • Prevents mastitis causing bacteria – Research study indicates 50% less staphylococcal and 45% less streptococcal bacteria than those bedded with standard cubicle lime. 
  • Deactivates tuberculosis and brucellosis in cattle slurry


  • Proven by Teagasc to reduce lameness/foot rot in housed ewes
  • Creates a healthy environment for lambing
  • Protects against scours
  • Prevents foot rot



  • Provides a dry disinfectant
  • Creates a healthy environment
  • Prevents lameness


  • Reduces risk of salmonella
  • Minimises fly activity
  • Improves biosecurity


  • Ideal to use in straw bedded sheds, lie backs or slatted units
  • Ideal to use in calving pens
  • Dust sheds to reduce disease, infection levels


Lime Wash / Whitewash

Directions For Use:

  • Add 1/2kg lime to 1 litre of water and stir well
  • Continue adding lime until you achieve the consistency of milk
  • Apply sparingly using a brush – multiple coats may be required


Available in 25kg bags or 1ton sacks

25kg Bag

1ton Sack

For those spreading very regularly
and in larger quantities

Download White Rhino Brochure


See the Difference

How to use

Easy to spread. 230G per cubicle per application


  • Spread by hand or mechanical applicator at 230g per cubicle per application.
  • Dust the back third of cubicles once daily.
  • Dust calf houses, calving boxes and sheep sheds.
  • Prior to bedding, dust calf, sheep and poultry pens.
  • Use only recommended rate.
  • Read instructions prior to use.

How it Works


Mastitis is the most common bacterial infection found in dairy cattle, resulting in the loss of up to €60 per cow each year. White Rhino Hydrated Lime is an alkali, with a pH of 12.35. A single application of White Rhino Hydrated Lime deactivates the bacteria which cause mastitis, resulting in cleaner, drier bedding and a healthier herd.

Other cubicle limes, with a pH of only 8.3, lack the natural strength of White Rhino and will not deactivate these harmful bacteria.

Independent Teagasc research conducted in Moorepark in 2010 and 2011 showed that milking cows bedded with White Rhino had lower bacterial counts and infection levels compared to cows bedded with standard cubicle lime or blended limestone products.

By the end of the five week trial cows bedded with White Rhino showed 50% less Staphylococcal and 45% less streptococcal bacteria than those bedded with standard cubicle lime. White Rhino was also proven safe to use with both chlorhexidine and iodine based teat dips.

Most recent Department of Agriculture approval testing has found…

Increased alkalinity – Addition of sufficient quantities of Lime to organic waste brings about a rapid and sustained increase in pH, to a level > 12.  The high concentration of free OH- ions results in the denaturation of protein structures of microorganisms such as cell walls, capsid structures, enzymes and organelles.

The time delay depends on the type of pathogen to be inactivated.  It varies from a few hours for the most resistant bacteria and up to 3 months for the most pH resistant parasites.



Where to Buy

Available from co-ops and
agri merchants nationwide.

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The results speak for themselves.

Pat is milking 70 spring calving cows on the Kerry/Limerick border, supplying Fealesbridge Co-op. Calving starts on the 1st of February and the cows are dried off mid - to late November.

“I started using White Rhino Hydrated Lime 8 years ago. Due to the wet nature of some of my land cows can be housed until the end of April so it is essential that calved cows indoors are as clean as possible. Good cubicle hygiene is very important. I found the product dramatically reduced my SCC and I had no mastitis last year. I’d recommend White Rhino to any farmer as it’s a great labour saver, cheap and effective.”