A proactive approach to


Responsibly & ethically managing all Operations

Clogrennane Lime has placed sustainability and corporate social responsibility at the heart of its strategy and is committed to sustainably, responsibly and ethically managing all aspects of operations, from the efficient use of raw materials

through to the production of our diverse range of lime and aggregate products. This range includes the Ecolime family of products, developed specifically for the treatment of flue gases.

Clogrennane Lime have achieved the Business Working Responsibly mark, a third-party validation of our sustainable business practices

Sustainability in Action

At the heart of everything we do

Health & Safety

Safety is a core value at Clogrennane Lime and the health and safety of all those working for us continues to receive the highest priority across all operations.

  • Accredited to ISO18001, Health and Safety Management
  • Engage our employees, contractors and customers on matters of Health & Safety
  • Provide training above and beyond the minimum national requirements
  • Provide health screening for all employees

Environment & Climate Change

Clogrennane Lime continues to focus on achieving the highest standards of environmental management in all its activities and to proactively address the challenges and opportunities of climate change.

  • Accredited to ISO14001, Environmental Management
  • Comply fully with IED Permits
  • Implement Best Practice and maximum reduction techniques for all emission points
  • Minimise waste streams from production and packaging operations

Energy Efficiency

  • Operate the world’s most efficient kilns in terms of electrical and thermal energy consumption
  • Continuously monitor kiln utilisation and compare ourselves to Best Available Technology
  • Monitor energy usage across the plant and are in the process of obtaining ISO50001


As part of our continued commitment to sustainability, we’ve commissioned a biodiversity study at our Carlow location, with a view towards protecting and increasing the flora and fauna native to our area.

A dedicated range of Environmental products

Our desire to maintain a cleaner, more natural and brighter future for everybody extends into our product range. We’ve invested significantly in research and product development to create a suite of products formulated for the environmental market.  Our Ecolime products are designed specifically for the flue gas treatment markets, whilst our Hydrated Lime is used in the treatment of drinking water and the treatment of waste water prior to discharge. Our Sterilime products are used for sludge treatment.

A Sustainable Future


100% utilisation of raw materials
100% of packaging waste is recycled
100% recycled surface water used


0% process waste
0% process water discharge