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Mortars and plasters need to be strong, water resistant and flexible to accommodate building movement caused by expansion and contraction of the brick or blockwork. White Rhino Hydrated Lime increases flexibility and breathability of mortars and plasters which prevents cracking and prolongs spot life.

Accommodates building
movement, prevents cracking
and prolongs spot life

Absorbs moisture,
condensation is not trapped within
the building structure

Absorbs carbon dioxide
from the air, reducing
carbon footprint



Lime Mortar

Benefits to designer

  • Bond Strength. Lime mortars have excellent bonding properties due to their elasticity, workability and adhesion properties.
  • Water Resistant. Due to a stronger bond between the mortar and bricks, lime mortars show excellent resistance to water ingress.
  • Durability. Lime mortars can withstand damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles, water ingress and sulphate attack.
  • Strength. Lime based mortars are flexible, allowing them to absorb a high degree of deformation before failure. In addition, lime based mortars provide greater elasticity than other mixes. When combined, these two properties (flexural & compressive strength) result in a mortar that allows a greater degree of tolerance to movement in masonry units.

Benefits to contractor

  • Workability. Adding lime allows the mix to hold more water, enhancing it’s fluidity and improving its stability.
  • Versatility. The lime also means the mortar remains workable for longer before use, meaning the mix doesn’t need to be replenished as often.
  • Work Quality. The smooth, workable consistency enables a smooth and tight finish of joints and tooling, creating a waterproof build.
  • Value. As the lime retains water and is easy to work with, it leads to less waste.

Benefits to building owner

  • Indoor Air Quality. As moisture can escape through the mortar, condensation is not trapped within the structure, preventing mould and fungi.
  • Durability. Lime mortars are self-healing, as the lime reacts to water and heals micro-cracks.
  • Reusable. As lime mortar is softer, it can be removed without damaging the bricks, allowing them to be reused.
  • Environmental Footprint. Lime absorbs carbon dioxide from the air (increasing the mortars strength), improving the carbon footprint of your building.
  • Aesthetics. As lime contains minimal amounts of soluble salt and sulphur it reduces the chances of efflorescence formation (the powdery deposit of salts) on your building.
  • Masonry Strength. The permeability properties allow the water to evaporate through the mortar instead of the brick, increasing the masonry strength.
Lime Plaster

Benefits to designer

  • Aesthetic. Various finishes are available, such as paint or finishing coats of different grain sizes, structures and colours.
  • High quality finish. Lime levelling compounds deliver the highest quality finish on smooth surfaces.
  • Durable. Lime plaster is extremely durable, meaning your design will stand the test of time.

Benefits to contractor

  • Resilient. When applied correctly, lime-based plasters are resilient and minimise the formation of cracks.
  • Workability. In a fresh state, lime plasters are extremely workable and have excellent adhesive properties.

Benefits to building owner

  • Comfort. Lime based plasters maintain consistent humidity levels by absorbing water vapour when humidity is high, and releasing it when the humidity is low.
  • Health. When humidity levels fall, it exuberates colds, flu and skin problems of occupants. Lime based plasters minimise this by keeping humidity levels consistent.
  • Prevents Damp. Lime plasters absorb water vapours, preventing the walls from becoming wet and forming mould, fungi, bacteria etc.
  • Environmental Footprint. Lime based plasters don’t emit any harmful substances to the environment such as volatile organic compounds.

How to use


Disclaimer: The above mix designs are general mixes designed for a wide range of uses. Modified mixes may be required for specific projects or for extreme exposure conditions. Please consult a building contractor / architect prior to the use of any mortar mix.

Where to Buy

Available from co-ops and
builders merchants nationwide.

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