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Increase Durability Of Asphalt


Asphalt surfaces need to cope with the rigours of weather, time and heavy use.  Duralime acts as a multifunctional asphalt modifier; it reduces stripping, rutting, cracking and ageing, thereby increasing the life of the pavement and reducing maintenance cycles.

Enhances durability of
asphalt by up to 25%

Increases lifespan of
asphalt by up to 10 years

Stronger the bond between
asphalt & aggregates



Duralime is a multifunctional hydrated lime which improves the mechanical and chemical properties of asphalt. When included in an asphalt mix, it acts as a strong anti-stripping agent on surface areas and improves its resistance to rutting and chemical ageing. Add 1-3% of lime to the asphalt mix.   

Superior Anti-Stripping Agent

Traffic, heat, heavy rain and frost can cause the bond between the asphalt and the aggregate to disintegrate. Duralime increases the aggregate affinity which strengthens this bond to reduce stripping.

Increases Stiffness. Reduces Rutting

Duralime is an outstanding active mineral filler used to produce a stiffer, tougher asphalt mix which is resistant to rutting.

Reduces Corrosion. Anti-Aging

Duralime-based asphalt reduces the rate of chemical ageing that causes asphalt to become brittle and crack over time.

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